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HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the latest achievements of ultrasound anti-aging treatment, using the characteristics of high-intensity focused ultrasound energy, precisely focusing on 3mm depth of shallow SMAS and 4.5mm SMAS, the highly focused energy cause the SMAS produce collagen which has the ability to partially reverse the aging process. AS-HF stimulates the repair process that strengthens existing collagen within the dermis layer.

AS-HF is an advanced aesthetic treatment system which uses HIFU technology for lifting and tightening skin. The new skin rejuvenation system emits focused ultrasound energy below skin’s surface to lift the layers, essentially tightening and smoothing out wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s ideal for treating and tightening loose sagging skin in the face, neck, under the chin, along the jaw line and brow. It is designed for patients who are ambivalent about a surgical facelift, and improve appearance with a non-invasive, no downtime approach.

1. Auto recognition cartridge
2. Auto follow-up cartridge power
3. No need resetting after change cartridges
4. Auto count down cartridge life span
5. Stepmotor inside handpiece
6. Cartridge liquid anti frozen and swell in low temperature, dissolve in 5 minutes when back to room temperature.

1. Temperature: treatment reach 65℃-70℃, it’s the most suitable temperature to promote collagen degeneration.
2. Depth: Recovery aging skin from inner to outer, the energy focused in deep skin, not skin surface.
3. Tissue reaction: By position indicator line, treat target and precisely, more safe.
4. Result: Full face treatment 40~60min, last result 3-5 years.

1. Face lifting and tightening
2. Eyebrow Lifting
3. Wrinkles Removing
4. Jaw line Lifting
5. Double chin Removing

Brow, Upper Face, Lower Face, Full Neck, Full Face, Full Face and Neck, Around the Lips, Decolletage (chest)

Technology High intensity focused ultrasound
Energy 0.1-2J
Cartridge 4MHz (1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm penetration depth)
Spot Interval 0.5-5.0mm
Shoot Length 5-25mm
Shot Count 5,000 shots
Screen 15" color touch screen
Voltage 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Weight 12kg

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