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QL-40 use advanced Q-switching technology. Laser can be absorbed by the blue and black melanin. The melanin will split into an even more tiny particles. They are so small that they can be metabolized by the lymphatic system and be egested out of the body. Thus the tattoo or other pigmentations will be removed without any injury to normal tissue. The treatment is safe and convenient without downtime or side effects.

The core components of machine are from Korea. Multifunctional microcomputer control system, with 3 tips 1064nm, 532nm and carbon assisted laser tip, can do various treatments of tattoo and pigmented lesions removal, laser toning and so on.

1. Unique patented hand piece design, plug and play and easy to interchange.
2. Provide three laser tips: 532nm for red and blue, 1064nm for black and brown, 1064nm carbon assisted tip for skin care.
3. Red aiming indicator can be turned on/off.
4. 8 inch control interface screen.
5. 600 W power supply.
6. 1-6 Hz frequency setup.
7. 100-1200mj output fluence setup.
8. Automatic water recycling detector.
9. Continuous working time over 5 hours
10. Xenon lamp flash 2,000,000
11. Fashionable and durable stainless steel machine body.
12. Intelligent handle loss, single shots and total shots counting. 

1. Remove various tattoo, eye line, eye brow, pigmentation.
2. Remove chloasma, age pigment, nevus, birthmark and Nevus of Ota.
3. Skin tightening, skin whitening, skin toning.

Laser type q switched nd yag laser
Wavelength 1064nm carbon assisted,1064nm,532nm
Fluence 100-1200mj
Frequency 1-6Hz
Power supply 600W
Pulse width 8ns
Spot size 1-3mm adjustable
Aiming laser red diode 650nm, on/off
Cooling system automatic water detector cooling+air cooling
Weight 25kg
Dimension 59cm*44cm*50cm

Accessory list
Handpiece 1pc
Treatment tips 3pcs
Foot switch 1pc
Power cord 1pc
Patient Goggles 1pc
Practitioner Glasses 1pc
Switch keys 2pc
Funnel 1pc
Water filling tubes 1pc
Manual 1pc

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