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Astiland is the Chinese leading manufacturer and provider of aesthetic equipment to the medical beauty industries. We mainly engaged in the design, research, development, manufacture and sale for a wide range of applications including: Permanent Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Treatment, Tattoo Removal, Postpartum Rehabilitation, Laser resurfacing, Anti-aging treatment, Cellulites Reduction, Acne Treatments, Vasular Lesion Treatments. The relative technologies involve IPL, SHR, CO2 Fractional Laser, Diode Laser, Cavitation, RF, HIFU, Cryolipolisis, Lipolaser, Shockwaves, Photodynamic and etc.

We do business with nearly 30 countries. Meet clients requirement for non-invasive beauty treatment,and supply humanized, cooperated,multifunctional platform solution which of safe, easy operation, excellent performance and reliable quality.

We have strict production control to meet clients satisfaction.We obtain quality control certificate ISO 9000,ISO 13485,and CE Marking. All products comply with international safety standards, involving medical, beauty, home care, beauty service industries.

We focus on continuous research and innovate on advanced medical aesthetic techonology,dedicated to product quality, the whole production quality control and customer supreme service consciousness. with advanced technology support as the basis, follow customers requirement, embodies bold and innovative design concept to create more professional and operational products. With the lauch of our new brand AESTEK, company will further enrich and broaden the product line,give full play to the advantages of integration. In next few years, we will increase investment on technology, make full use of technology advantages, improve service, and constantly complement the employee training plan and the incentive mechanism of the enterprise,to form a high-quality talent team,to lay a solid foundation of scientific research and human resources in the sustainable development goal in the future.

About after sales service, the efficiency is the most concerned. Except for reaction in the shortest time, we should solve the problem fundamentally. As a professional medical aesthetic equipment supplier, our brand reputation is very important. We put our full energy to do best service.

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Astiland’s mission is “Provide cost effective solutions for non-invasive aesthetic treatment popularity” We hope people will enjoy the advantages of advanced aesthetic technologies,which can bring changes and confidence to themselves.We are not just a company, we do a sacred cause. Sincerely hope to work with you hand in hand, achieve a more brilliant career in the future of medical aesthetic fields, and a better tomorrow.

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