Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Astiland
Certification: CE
Model Number: AS-VL
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: aluminium box 59X45X45 cm ; gross weight: 24.000 kg
Delivery Time: 7-10 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Credit card,Paypal
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
Place Of Origin: Hunan, China Brand Name: Astiland
Model Number: AS-VL Instrument Classification: Class II
Name: 980nm Laser Machine Function: Onychomycosis Nail Treatment
Wavelength: 980nm Laser Power: 30 Watts
Work Mode: Single Pulse, Pulse, CW Indicator: Diode Laser 3mW 635nm
Cooling System: Intense Wind Cooling Body Material: ABS Case
Handpiece No.: 4
High Light:

Toenail Fungus Vein Removal Laser Machine


100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine


100ms toenail fungus treatment

Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine



Vein removal laser principle

Vascular caused by the capillary and venous exposure, and the skin thinning is also one of the reason. 980nm vein removal laser machine adopts the wavelength of 980nm laser to removal the vascular, it effective to all reason caused capillary exposure. During the treatment, it can also stimulate the collagen of the skin to regrowth and increase skin thickness and density. In this way, vascular disappear and elastic of the skin increased. Porphyrin inside of the vessel absorb the 980nm laser and it caused the blood vessel coagulation and then it disappear, laser won’t damage the skin at all.


Nail fungus removal laser principle

Onychomycosis means fungal infection of the nail. It is the most common disease of the nails and constitutes about a half of all nail abnormalities. This condition may affect toenails or fingernails. It is estimated to affect nearly 10% of the general population, with the incidence rising to nearly 30%, in patients over age 60. The 980nm laser has demonstrated superior results in nail fungus removal, showing safety and efficacy. It provides excellent results with deep penetration, ensuring effective treatment through the nail, without impacting other surrounding structures.


Laser lipolysis principle

980nm laser break up cell wall of fat cells, formed holes in cell wall make cytoplasm outflow, then use the patented thin needle to draw the cytoplasm out of the body, or out of the body through the lymphatic system.

Compared traditional liposuction machines with vibration, laser lipolysis is of short time operation, little injury, few bleeding, and patients will not be creative of fear by liposuction. The wound is only 2mm, which invisible after healing, finally reach the goal of weight loss. Besides, the laser stimulate the collagen, which also can reach the goal of skin tightening, wrinkle removal.


Pain relief laser principle

980 nm laser is selected for treatment through intact skin and pain relief. When use the laser therapy, there is no irreversible damage to biological organization, just cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes, such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization, adjust the body function and so on. Laser therapy is a universal way of treating muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, connective tissue, and bone and skin tissue. Laser therapy is easy to apply, non-invasive, painless, drug free and has no harmful side effects.


Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine 0



* Superficial vessels (spider veins, telangiectasia, rosacea), vascular lesion

* Nail fungus

* Laser liposuction

* Laser pain relief physical therapy


980nm vein removal laser technology advantages

1. 980nm laser is the optimum absorption spectrum of porphyrin vascular cells.

2. laser beam focus on a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, thus more focused energy to reach the target tissue, while avoiding burn the surrounding skin tissue.

3. Laser can stimulate the dermal collagen growth while vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density, so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, at the same time, the skin's elasticity and resistance is also significantly enhanced.

4. System based on the thermal action of the laser. The transcutaneous irradiation (with a penetration of 1 to 2 mm in the tissue) causes tissue selective absorption by hemoglobin (hemoglobin is the main target of the laser).


Machine Advantages

1. 4 handpieces in 1 system suits multifunction laser safety treatment.

2. Accurate treatment with aiming light adjustable

3. 30W high energy output for professional use

4. Scarless, painless, quick treatment

5. Modern color touch screen

6. Continuous, pulse, single pulse treatment modes

7. Light weighted ABS injection case with storage space


Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine 1Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine 2Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine 3Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine 4Portable Toenail Fungus 100ms Vein Removal Laser Machine 5


Laser type

Diode laser



Laser Power

30 Watts

Work mode

Single Pulse, Pulse, CW

Pulse frequency


Spot size



>10,000 hours

Laser conduct

Fiber conduct

Pulse width



Diode laser 3mW 635nm

Cooling system

Intense wind cooling

Body material


LCD Screen

8.4 inch true color touch screen




AC 220V/110V 50/60HZ 5A/10A



1 x vascular treatment handpiece

1 x nail fungus laser handpiece

1 x laser liposuction handpiece

1 x pain relief laser handpiece

5 x spot size adjust ring

1 x foot pedal

1 x doctor glasses

1 x patient goggles

2 x key

1 x power supply

1 x user manual

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