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EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle
  • EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle
  • EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle
  • EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle
  • EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle

EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Astiland
Certification CE, ISO13485
Model Number SculptMax with RF
Product Details
Treat Area:
Body, Legs/Arms, Breast, Butt
Operation Systerm:
High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic
4 Handles + Pevlic Floor Optional
High Light: 

HIEMT EMS Body Slimming Machine


7 Tesla EMS Body Slimming Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
2900 USD
Packaging Details
Aluminium box
Delivery Time
7-10 work days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Credit card,Paypal
Supply Ability
50 sets per month
Product Description

Introduction of EMS body slimming machine with RF

EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle Fast

Muscle makes up about 35% of the body, and most slimming devices on the market focus only on fat and not muscle. And currently only injections and surgery can be used to improve the shape of the buttocks.

In contrast, the Sculptmax+RF, uses high intensity focused magnetic resonance + focused monopolar radio frequency technology to train muscles and permanently destroy fat cells. Focused magnetic vibration energy stimulates the motor neurons to continuously expand and contract the self muscle to reach the high frequency limit training (this contraction is not achievable by your usual exercise or fitness exercise), while the frequency of 40.68mhz radio frequency releases heat to heat and burn fat, increasing the contraction force while heating the muscle, doubly stimulating muscle growth and improving the body's blood circulation and metabolic rate, while in the treatment process maintaining a comfortable temperature sensation; it delivers two types of energy deep into the muscle and fat layers to strengthen muscles, tighten skin and burn fat for a perfect triple effect.

The 30-minute energy pulse can stimulate 30,000 strong muscle contractions, thus helping fat cells to metabolize and break down powerfully. At the same time, it brings a new technical experience for body shaping by strengthening muscles.

EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle 0
EMS body slimming machine with RF Working Principle
The machine adopts non-invasive HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) technology + Focused Monopole RF technology, which releases high frequency magnetic vibration energy through the handle, penetrates the muscle to a depth of 8cm, induces continuous muscle expansion and contraction, achieves high frequency extreme training, deepens the growth of muscle fibers (muscle enlargement) and produces new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thus training and increasing muscle density and volume.

The heat released by RF heats the fat layer to 43-45°C, accelerating the decomposition and ablation of fat cells, while heating the muscle to increase contraction, doubly stimulating muscle hyperplasia, increasing muscle elasticity, improving metabolism and enhancing blood circulation. The combination of radiofrequency and magnetic vibration technology, the double energy penetrates deep into the muscle and fat layer to bring the muscle to 100% extreme movement. 100% extreme muscle contraction can trigger a large amount of lipolysis, fatty acid decomposition from triglycerides and a large accumulation in fat cells. The high concentration of fatty acids leads to apoptosis of fat cells and their elimination from the body through normal metabolism within a few weeks.
Sculptmax+RF achieves fat reduction while strengthening and building muscle.
Advantages of EMS body slimming machine with RF
1. New high-intensity focused magnetic vibration + focused RF.
2. It can set different muscle training modes.
3. The 180-radian handle design better fits the curve of the arm and thigh , making it easy to work.
4. Four treatment handles, four channels support two or four synchronous output of magnetic resonance
energy, can operate two or four people at the same time, suitable for men and women.
5. RF dual channel supports independent control of energy output, and supports simultaneous operation of
two kinds of energy using one or two handles.
6. The RF energy is released from the inside to the outside without any damage to the skin and muscles. The
treatment process is warm and comfortable.
7. It’s safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermia, and non-radiation, and no recovery period.
8. No surgery, no injection, no medicine, no exercise, no diet, just lying down can burn fat, build muscle, and
body shaping.
9. Saving time and effort, only lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 muscle contractions. (equivalent to 30000
belly rolls / squats).
EMS Body Slimming Machine Combines Radio Frequency Technology To Build Muscle 1
SculptMac+RF VS EMS
  (Sculptmax+RF) (EMS)


Therapeutic mechanism


HIEMT combined with radio frequency (RF) directly acts on subcutaneous muscle tissue and fat layer. No contact medium is required.

Electric current is passed directly through the skin and need to contact the medium (gel pad).

Electrodes are usually disposable.



Having a great penetration depth, covering the whole neural network and driving the contraction of the whole muscle layer. Most of the energy of the current is concentrated in the surface layer, and only a small part reaches the muscles.
Customer type

Due to the deep penetration, sculpture device

suitable for all types ofcustomers.

Suitable for thin patients. The

superficial current cannot reach the muscles of patients with medium fat layers.

Physiological reaction

The effects of fat apoptosis and "super

muscle exercise" are never achieved by physical exercise.

Feeling a slight tingling or

contraction, equivalent to mild physical exercise.

course of treatment Studies in the United States have shown that four treatments are the best It takes 40 treatments to produce a visible change


Treatment plan


Regularly changing the frequency to obtain effective stimulation and tissue response.

Fixed frequency treatment. There is no effect of removing waste products or increasing blood flow, causing muscle fatigue and

limiting efficacy.

Treatment intensity

High-intensity focused magnetic vibration

+ Comfortable RF treatment

The intensity is low due to the risk

of pain and burns.


Treatment risk

The treatment is completely painless. it doesn’t activate pain receptors and there is no risk of burns. The side effects are limited to muscle fatigue.

There is obvious pain, the treatment activates the pain receptor. FDA warns of electric shock, burns, contusion, irritation,

and pain.



Tech spec of EMS body slimming machine with RF


HIEMT intensity 7 Tesla
RF temperature 40~50℃
RF frequency 40.68M
Input voltage AC110V/230V, 50/60Hz
Output power 300W-4000W
Output frequency of HIEMT 3-150HZ
Fuse 20A
Machine size 46×60×105CM3
Package size 135*70*60CM3+52*44*39CM3
Gross weight 100kg

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