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Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine
  • Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine
  • Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine
  • Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine
  • Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine

Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Astiland
Certification CE, ISO13485
Model Number AS-VX3P
Product Details
Target Area::
Face, Body, Eyes, Neck/Throat, Legs/Arms
Number Of Handles::
Dual Handle
Gear Lines::
1-12lines Selectable
High Light: 

Vmax 5d Hifu Machine


Ultrasound V Max Hifu Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Aluminium box *Package size: 31*44*50cm3 *N.W:10kg *G.W.12kg
Delivery Time
7-10 work days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Credit card,Paypal
Supply Ability
100 sets per month
Product Description

Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Ultrasound V Max Hifu Corporal Ultraform Machine

The 5-in-1 Vmax HIFU machine is a non-invasive, high-energy hifu machine, with focused ultrasound technology that works with the skin's SMAS and fatty layers to produce heat to break up the skin. The five-in-one treatment uses the most advanced American non-invasive high-energy focused ultrasound technology, which penetrates deeply and generates nearly 10,000 condensation points, precisely acting on the SMAS and fat layers of the skin, generating heat energy, breaking up and dissolving fat cells, stimulating immediate contraction of the fascia layer and stimulating collagen renewal and reorganization, building a new collagen fiber network, giving the skin elasticity from the skin's bottom (its own repair mechanism is safer). This is the safest and most effective way to treat sagging and loose faces, obesity, and vaginal laxity in the beauty industry; the 5-in-1 miraculous effect of facial wrinkle removal, lifting and tightening, improving side breasts, fat reduction and body contouring, body shaping and vaginal tightening has been recognized by the beauty industry authorities as the miracle light of eternal youth!


Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine 0


How Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine Works


Vmax radar engraving uses cartridges of different depths (facets 1.5. 3.0, 4.5mm) to focus precise energy on the epidermal, collagen, and fascial layers; 4.5mm is positioned in the subcutaneous fascial layer, which produces a protein coagulation reaction at the focal point, thus creating tension near the freezing point and acting as a pull for muscle growth in the fascial layer for optimal shaping, lifting and firming; 3.0mm acts on the subcutaneous collagen layer to stimulate collagen regeneration and recombination. The newly generated collagen gradually tightens and lifts the skin from within, restoring elasticity; targeting the sagging face, such as the formation of wrinkles, and pulling up the entire area at once to achieve an overall contour lift and firmness. In addition, cartridges of varying depths are used to treat obesity and breasts, locate layers of body fat, tighten the skin, and dissolve fat. Radar Sculpting uses fine cartridges in friction and circulation for fine manipulation and 360° dead space so that the concentrated energy reaches all areas evenly for better results.




Other Functions of 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine


Liposonic uses human cartridges of different depths (0.6cm, 0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.3cm, 1.6cm) to break and dissolve fat cells by converting focused ultrasound into heat energy at 65-70 degrees. The intelligent positioning system locates the desired fat cells and quickly crushes and dissolves large particles of fat cells to reduce the amount of fat, while stimulating collagen contraction and proliferation to quickly fill the gaps that appear after fat ablation.


Stimulates the contraction and proliferation of collagen to rapidly fill the gaps that appear after fat ablation. After treatment, the skin surface is thin and wrinkle-free without causing damage to the epidermis, blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissue. The fat that is shredded is excreted from the body with the body's metabolism. It works in one session, permanently destroying subcutaneous fat and directly reducing the amount of fat without rebound. A one-hour session can reduce the average body circumference by 2-6 cm, which can reflect the multiple effects of fat reduction, skin tightening and shaping. For localised obesity, 1-3 sessions are required to achieve the desired results.


Vaginal tighten

Vaginal tightening uses treatment cartridges of different depths (3.0mm, 4.5mm) to focus precise energy on the collagen and fascial layers of the vagina. It uses focused ultrasound to produce a thermal effect of 65° to 70° to promote the reconstruction of collagen fibres and tendons in the deeper layers of the vaginal mucosa and tighten the fascial layer, thus increasing the production of new and tender tissue, changing vaginal dryness and promoting the secretion of vaginal mucus during sex, resulting in a moist and tender vagina. It mainly targets vaginal tissue rupture, damage, dryness, incontinence, and laxity, triggering the body to initiate the function of repairing and regenerating cells. The final goal is to relieve and resolve vaginal laxity. As the energy is passed through the epidermis, there is no need to worry about damage to the mucosal layer or infection caused by damage to the mucosal layer! The Vaginal Tightening Function Instrument works by the operator sticking the cartridge into the vagina and acting evenly on the 54-216 lines (about 1350-5400 points) of the SMAS layer in the vagina to achieve the best results of vaginal contraction.

Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine 1


Advantages of 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine

  • A variety of treatment heads, with different cartridges depending on the depth of the skin, can act on a wide range of areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms (butterfly sleeves), buttocks, legs, abdomen, etc.
  • The radar engraving operation is 360° without dead space and can be adjusted to hit 1-9 spots a second. Operation without dead angle, fast speed, even distribution and no pain.
  • The radar carving machine operates in a fine 360° dead angle free manner by friction and rolling, the concentrated energy can be evenly achieved in each part to obtain better results.
  • 4D and liposonic can be switched between fast mode or slow mode.
  • 4D can be adjusted at will from 1 to 12 lines, and 12 lines have 300 points, which greatly reduces the operation time and allows for more even energy points to act on the skin for optimal results.
  • The energy is controllable and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the depth of the skin, making the operation safer and more secure.
  • Guarantee.
  • Liposonic uses a ring-shaped customized contour output system. The treatment head emits 24 lines of energy in the treatment area. The 24 lines of energy emitted at once have 576 focal points to shred the fat volume accurately and thoroughly. During the treatment, fat tissue is immediately destroyed and body circumference is reduced by 2-6 cm immediately after treatment. better results are achieved after fat metabolism is completed within 8-12 weeks. 11. in one treatment, Liposonic permanently destroys subcutaneous fat, directly reducing the amount of fat and the destroyed fat cells never return, allowing for a long term maintenance of a slim and good figure.
  • The vaginal treatment uses 360-degree 3D surround technology with automatic control of the rotation angle to ensure multiple points of accuracy, even spotting, and good results.

Vmax 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Corporal Ultraform Machine 2

Benefits of 5d Hifu High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine


  1. The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen immediately after treatment, which can last for at least 18-24 months each time and achieve negative skin ageing once a year.
  2. Focused ultrasound is selective and can focus energy on specific areas, such as: fat layer, fascia layer, dermis layer, epidermis layer; precise operation does not harm surrounding tissues, energy skimming over the epidermis, non-invasive surface, high safety performance, to ensure that customers are pain-free and comfortable.
  3. No needles, no surgery, no trauma, does not affect normal life and work.
  4. Safe and non-invasive: non-invasive stimulation of the deep collagen and elastin fibres, the energy skips over the mucous membrane layer during the treatment, which is 100% free of any damage and ensures the comfort and painlessness of the customer.
  5. One week after the vaginal treatment, normal sexual life can be resumed.15. Highly safe: approved by advanced technology and clinical trials, it is safe and effective and has no effect on natural childbirth.




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