Pigmentation Treatment
Permanent Hair Removal
Postpartum Recovery

HIFU, RF, Laser Multifunctional Platform

Vaginal Laser, CO2 Fractional Laser

IPL, 808 Diode Laser, E-light, SHR

Picosecond Laser, Q-switched Nd: Yag Laser, Rejuvenation Laser

Astiland is the Chinese leading manufacture and provider of aesthetic equipment to the medical beauty industries.We mainly engaged in the design,research,development,manufacture and sale for a wide range of applications including:Permanent Hair Removal,Skin Rejuvenation,Pigmentation Treatment,Tattoo Removal,Postpartum Rehabilitation,Laser resurfacing,Anti-aging treatment,Cellulites Reduction,Acne Treatments,Vasular Lesion Treatments.

We do business with nearly 30 countries. Meet clients requirement for non-invasive beauty treatment,and supply humanized, cooperated,mulfunctional platform solution which of safe, easy operation, excellent performance and reliable quality.

We obtain quality control certificate ISO 9000,ISO 13485,and CE Marking. All products comply with international safety standards, involving medical, beauty, home care, beauty service industries.